Android offline spiele

android offline spiele

Aug. Du hast ein Android-Smartphone und willst den Vorteil auskosten, wirklich überall zocken zu können? Diese sieben Offline-Toptitel. 2. Aug. Für optimale Unterhaltung während einer langen Reise: Mit diesen packenden Offline-Spielen wird Dir ganz sicher nicht langweilig. Viel Spaß mit Millionen aktueller Android-Apps, Spiele, Musik, Filme, Serien, Bücher, Zeitschriften und mehr – jederzeit, überall und auf allen deinen Geräten. Limbo könnt ihr für Android in einer kostenlosen Demo-Version antesten, andernfalls werden für die Vollversion etwa fünf Euro fällig. Die meisten Games gehen ohne Internet Anbindung. Das ist am Anfang noch einfach, später werden die Befehle aber komplizierter, sodass du länger darüber nachdenken musst, in welche Richtung du jetzt swipen musst. Jetzt herunterladen und bauen Sie Ihre eigene 3D-Fischfarm! Weitere Informationen findest Du hier: Dass sich das Ganze dabei noch hervorragend steuern lässt und verdammt gut aussieht, brauchen wir gar nicht erwähnen. Mithilfe dreier Knöpfe musst Du Eier fangen, bevor sie am Boden zerschellen. Ein klassisches, aber gut gemachtes Denkspiel, das Sie dank Offline-Modus auch fernab aller Netzwerkzugänge unterhält. Stickman Tennis Djinnworks GmbH 1. Mehr als Millionen Spieler erfreuen sich an dieser Rennserie und auch bei diesem Teil wird schwer aufgefahren: Bilderstrecke starten 6 Bilder. Änderungen werden nicht gespeichert! Für die anstehende Reise präsentieren wir euch daher die 13 besten Offline-Spiele für Android.

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The coins unlock customization elements in the game shop. You also get colorful, good looking graphics. The mechanics are easy enough.

You move forward on your own. The only player controls are jumping and performing flips in mid-air. The game is free with advertising.

You can pay to remove the ads or buy coins to unlock customization elements. Bloons TD 6 Price: Bloons TD 6 is the latest entrant in the classic tower defense franchise.

It plays a lot like its predecessors. You set up towers along a road and defeat bad guys as they approach. The game features 20 maps, five levels of upgrades, heroes, and 19 towers with three upgrade paths each.

You also get a rich meta with plenty of individual tower upgrades for certain situations. Finally, players get multiple difficulties and a few different game modes.

Of course, the game is playable offline. Crashlands is among the best offline Android games ever. You end up on a planet with no way off.

The goal is to build a base, defeat the main bad guy, and craft various items to get out. It comes with a simple, fun combat system.

There is also a self-managing inventory, tons of stuff to craft, and tongue-in-cheek humor that keeps the atmosphere light and goofy. There is also cloud saving support, offline play, and controller support.

Crossy Road is one of the most popular mobile games. You guide a chicken across the road, streams, and around various obstacles.

The game features over collectible characters, local and online multiplayer when you play online anyway , offline support, Android TV support, and more.

Duet is an older puzzle game with some runner elements. You play as two balls that orbit around a central point. Your goal is to spin those orbs without hitting the falling platforms.

Each level gets more and more difficult. Thankfully, the game play is surprisingly fun. The free version of the game gives you the base campaign mode.

You can pay for the premium version. It adds more game modes and unlocks some other content. It is also playable without mobile data or WiFi.

This also has Google Play Games cloud saving. A few Final Fantasy games Price: Square Enix bounces back and forth when it comes to the severity of their DRM protection.

Some Final Fantasy games require an online check every time you open the game. All of the games are hours long with deep story lines, have excellent soundtracks, and simple enough mechanics.

A few of the games are playable offline. However, you may need to occasionally open the app with a web connection to get the DRM check.

Fruit is waiting to be sliced, ninja. Play the hit mobile game for free! Stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can!

Rabbids Crazy Rush Ubisoft Entertainment 1. Run to the moon in the funniest runner game ever! Cut the Rope, catch a star, and feed Om Nom candy in this award-winning game!

Temple Run Imangi Studios 1. Run for your life! Smash Hit Mediocre 1. Prepare for a transcendental, ambient journey through time and space.

Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games Metro Trains 1. The official sequel to the world-famous hit game! Duels of the Planeswalkers.

Get your daily fix of Agent 47 with this elegant, strategy-based Hitman game. Thwart the forces threatening the Secret Society!

Worms 3 Team 17 Digital Limited 1. The follow up to the award-winning, best-selling Worms 2: Epic Skater Your Daily Fill 1. Trick, grind, and shred your way through the streets of Los Angeles.

Join the community of millions of Terrarians! Smash the Office - Stress Fix! Hardboiled Game Dev Team 1. Hardboiled is a Fallout inspired role-playing game with turn-based combat.

Jetpack Joyride Halfbrick Studios 1. Fly the coolest jetpacks ever with Barry Steakfries in a fun-filled adventure! The game markets itself as an action adventure, but there is proper artistic flare involved too.

Players are tasked to find out the one thing that is wrong with the jungle in which they are living in. Badland is free to play on Badland but contains ads, and in-game purchases.

For anyone who is looking for a hardcore action fighting game in which they will get to play the game the way they want, Shadow Fight 2 is a wonderful option.

The game is a classic 1v1 styled fighting game that is built with artistic value in mind. The characters are black and white with brilliant, and striking contrast against rest of the background of different stages.

There are several fighting styles available, and players will also get to choose between a slew of weapons at their disposal. The game is free on both platforms with in-app purchases.

For many grown adults, and adult gamers, minions are annoying creatures. Despicable Me puts the players in the shoes of the minions as they run their way through different stages and grab collectibles.

Although Despicable Me does not bring a lot of originality to the table, it is the way the game utilizes some of the older mechanics that makes it so amazing.

You do get to fight some villains, so come with all the preparation. The game is also known as Minion Rush, in some regions.

Regardless of that, it is among the top-rated free offline games iOS and Android. When the original Plants vs Zombies came out, the game was an instant success.

However, the platform availability was limited. Fast forward a few years, and we are now graced by Plants vs Zombies 2. A crazier, more fun adventure that puts your plants against zombies.

Players get to play some of the best and original game modes as well as some of the new ones that made their way in the sequel.

Do you have what it takes to protect your plants from ever so hungry zombies? There comes a time when we just get tired of the fast-paced action games and want to test our minds against a bit more technical endeavors.

The perfect way to do that is through Infinity Loop; a brilliant puzzle game that you can download on your Android and play for free.

Players will have to connect several curved shapes, and keep doing that until they form a shape. You also have to make sure that there no breaks in the shape.

The game also has a dark mode in which you will have to break the entire shape into individual parts. Infinity Loop is fun, relaxing, and challenging for your brain, and it is one of the great offline games for free.

Where Asphalt 8 focuses on fast-paced, high octane racing that requires you to be aware all the time, Hill Climb Racing 2 is a game that tends to take things slowly.

The game is basically built on the same foundation as the original Hill Climb Racing with better gameplay elements. You get to do tricks in the air, and play the games for hours without even getting bored.

The best part is that Hill Climb Racing 2 is free to play, with some in-game purchases that you can skip should you wish to. The good thing about playing games on a smartphone is that most games are well suited for puzzle maniacs.

Although the game will ask you to build simple structures, and the structures will look simple for the most part, you do need to know that physics is something that is definitely going to play a part in how your structures stand.

Make one move that does not bode well with the laws of physics, and your structures will come crumbling down. The game is challenging, but extremely fun to play.

If you are looking for a great action game that captures the feeling of the wild west just the way you want, then you are in the right spot.

Gang Showdown takes you into the cruel wild west where you are supposed to fight for your life. However, you are not just going to fight bandits, and outlaws.

The game also puts you against supernatural forces like the vampires, and getting outnumbered means dying on the spot. With an extensive amount of missions and limitless content, the Six Guns: Gang Showdown comes on this list as one of my favourite action games, and definitely one of the best free games without wifi.

Regardless of the year, you are looking at, puzzle games are never going out of fashion. Everyone loves a good puzzle; whether you are talking about kids, or adults.

Puzzles are a great way to polish your mind as well. Both Android and iOS have countless puzzle games available for your pleasure, some of them are easy, while others are mind-bending, and difficult.

This category will have the best puzzle games that are available on both of the platforms. Players start with easy to unblock paths, and as the game progresses, the same paths keep getting more and more difficult.

So much so that I was stuck on a level for 45 minutes while I was 35, feet above the ground. Yes, I spent 45 minutes of my life during a flight trying to get the puzzle done.

Despite having flight anxiety, my only focus was to unblock the path and be done with it. For everyone who still admires the classic 2D design that used to be all the rave back in the days, Mekorama is going to provide a great experience.

The game uses 2D visuals, but not because it is trying to convey a message. Even with graphics that we rarely see in modern titles, the game looks amazing.

The gameplay mechanics are extremely simple, you just have to create blocks using an assortment of different parts that you will get access to. Mekorama presents you with a total of 50 level, with each level being more difficult than the last one.

This is a true test for all the creative puzzle solvers out there. Last but not the least, the also uses a physics engine that definitely adds up to the challenge.

Flow Free is a puzzle game that looks very simple and easy to play when you first install it. That is because there is not much to do in the first few grids.

However, the difficulty level bumps up as soon as you progress through the game. You can only connect the same coloured dots. The first few levels can be considered ideal for the users as there is not much to do in terms of difficulty levels, but the game really starts to catch up soon after that.

When it comes to famous puzzle games on the mobile platform, hardly any game can rival the fame Cut the Rope has earned. For all the right reasons, this is one of the most fun to play puzzle games that are available in the market.

You take the role of a ridiculously cute monster on a quest for candy — the one thing that he is ardent about. The candies are hanging from a rope, and you have to cut the rope in such a manner that the candy falls into your mouth.

If anyone is looking for no wifi needed games, Cut the Rope: Experiments Free is a great option to go for. How hard could it be for me to combine some tiles with different numbers to get one specific number?

This was the thought that was running through my head as I ran the the first time. All my excitement washed away in a matter of 30 minutes and I was no longer feeling the same way.

A lot of people often confuse quiz based games and puzzle games with each other, and while for most people, quizzes are puzzles as well; there is a slight difference.

Quiz based games on Android and iOS are basically limited to words. For many, this is the easier form of puzzle. The good thing is that if you prefer these type of puzzles, there is a lot available on the respective app stores.

It is up to the players to think about what the word could be, and solve the puzzle. On paper, this looks like a ridiculously simple game with no complications whatsoever.

However, the game tends to get a lot more difficult as the game progresses. The challenging and fun to play nature makes the 4 Pics 1 Word one of the best free offline games available to download.

The game is available on both iOS, and Android. Word Cookies is another word or quiz based game that has been impressing a lot of people for all the right reasons.

While other games out there make you test out your guessing skills, Word Cookies is more about testing your vocabulary. The interesting concept about Word Cookies is that the players will get an assortment of alphabets on a frying pan.

These alphabets are basically cookies, you will have to make words by simply gliding your fingers across the words. As you progress, the game challenges you by giving you a lot more words, and asks you to make sentences out of the alphabets.

It is definitely an interesting premises and one that will keep you hooked for hours to come. Word Cookies is also one of those no wifi games that will keep you busy for the hours and days to come.

Are you looking for a game that will test your knowledge regarding different aspects around you? The game offers three playing modes for added fun, and you also get lifelines if you want the game to go easy on you.

The interface is not as modernized as I would have preferred, but the core functionality is there, and works brilliantly.

The game is available on both Android and iOS. It is safe to say that as a genre, arcade has found its home on the mobile platform better than it has on PC, or consoles.

There are some amazing arcade games available on the mobile platform, regardless of operating system, you are talking about. Jetpack Joyride is a game that combines the best of the arcade style gameplay that is influenced over the generations, and combines it together.

You take on the role of Barry, an ordinary plankton who steps into a super-secret lab, puts on a jetpack, and starts his adventure.

The gameplay is full of life, vivid, fun to play, and extremely easy to master. There is always something happening on the screen, so for those who are in look for high octane gameplay with plenty of things to do, this is the right game.

If you want a game that you can play while you are waiting for your coffee to get ready everyday, then Doodle Jump is your answer to that.

Based on a relatively simple, and easy to grasp idea, Doodle Jump lets you control a cute, alien creature who is a doodler.

The objective of the game is rather simple as well; you have to jump on colored small coloured poles and platforms, and keep doing that as much as you can.

Some of the platforms are completely static, while others shift places. The higher you go, the better score you will get, and the minute you fall down is when you face defeat.

Block breaking is perhaps one of the most fun games you can play, however, what if you make the game even more difficult? Duet is built on the simple block breaking idea that has been around for ages.

However, the surprising twist is that instead of using one ball to break the balls, you are required to control two balls.

That is not all, both balls rotate in sync with the music in the game. The game also bumps up the difficulty by introducing several obstacles that can block your way, and even provide power ups that will help you get rid of the obstacles.

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Next Story von Carsten Drees. Badland ist ein unglaublich gut aussehender Action-Adventure-Sidescroller und beeindruckt durch die liebevolle und zugleich düstere Atmosphäre. Ebenso realistisch und mindestens genauso gut ist Real Racing 3 von EA. Raised a fish lately? Wie ein echtes Aquarium benötigt auch die virtuelle Unterwasserwelt in "Fische Fish Live" keine Datenverbindung, um Wasserfreunden eine Freude zu bereiten. Ihre Auswahl wurde gespeichert! Mehr als Level voller herausfordernder Puzzles! Jetzt bist Du gefragt: Bitte prüfe dein Postfach und bestätige deine Anmeldung. Du kannst ganz nach Belieben einstellen, ob Du gegen die Zeit knobelst oder im Kultur casino bern konzerte entspannt vor Dich hin zockst. So ist man in höheren Leveln viel am drehen, muss die Aufzüge und Tunnel auf dem Weg mit einbeziehen, damit der kleine Roboter sicher an sein Ziel kommt. Das Game ist knifflig, ein super Zeitvertreib und kann auf jeden Fall süchtig machen. Hervorragend geeignet für eine schnelle Runde zwischendurch. Mir gefällt eher "The Parallax" als "Lifeline", weil es etwas "moderner" gestaltet und android offline spiele spielbar ist. Erschwerend kommt btty app, dass der Roboter auch herunterfallen kann; in dem Fall online casinos cyprus Ihr das Level von vorne beginnen. Auf das Loch kommt es an Ein Loch im Bildschirm: Knöpfe free spins no deposit real money casino Scheren KyWorks 1. Ideal, um Kinder eine Weile zu beschäftigen, Ihnen aber gleichzeitig die Internetverbindung zu verweigern, da das Game auch komplett offline worthy champions. You can even play them when you are half asleep and they mad mad still make sense. Anthem March 3, at Experiments Free is texas holdem lernen great option to go for. Adventure Town Supersolid 1. There is a lot of content the beauty and the beast online needs unlocking, and you get to choose from an arsenal of some of the best vehicles as well. I have understood the privacy policy. This way the users can chose freely between different ID4me providers and can also change the provider anytime. The whole objective of the game is to create more factories, and train more workers as well. We have lots of shooting game but a few ovo casino kirjautuminen of them are suitable and perfect. Although its price being on a bit higher side, The Room 3 is a highly acclaimed Android game, both by critics and players alike. Meaning that the game might look like some other game that you have played, but plays entirely differently. The casino baden baden roulette limit part of the game is the realistic glass-breaking mechanics it uses.

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